When renting a property in Malaysia, it is very important to engage a responsible property agent to source the right property for you, to handle matters on your behalf and to negotiate the terms and conditions in the tenancy agreement. As a tenant, you would like your tenancy agreement to be properly written out so as to protect your interest during your stay as well as your deposit when you move out. Properly handover and check-in to the property is very important - this will help you to avoid lot of problems and legal actions that may be taken by the landlord. Usually, the minimum rental period is 12 months. Deposit that is usually required for rent is equal to 2 plus ½ a month. The notice of termination should be given at minimum 2 months in advance. Monthly rental is payable via bank-in directly to the property owner's account.

All MM2H participants can purchase an numberous properties in Malaysia for both residential and commercial purposes. The process of purchase can be tiresome – each stage of the process may demand your attention in terms of payment and signing of document. Property purchase in Malaysia is usually to be completed within 2 to 3 months. However in some cases, this may drag up to 7 to 9 months if the seller has some disputed settlements with bank or the developer management.