Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 : What is MM2H visa ?

A : MM2H Visa = MM2H-10-Year-Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) : Successful applicants will be issued MM2H visa as long as the holders do not violate the rules and regulations of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. The MM2H visa is renewable / extendable at the end of the 10-year period provided you fulfill all criteria set forth by the Immigration of Malaysia.

Q2 : If my passport is valid for the next 3 years, will I receive the full ten-year visa endorsement ?

A : The MM2H visa endorsement will be given based on the validity of your passport. You will be entitled to receive up to ten (10) years visa if your passport is valid for the next ten years. If your passport in only valid for 3 years, you will only be given a 3-year visa. You will receive the balance of the 10-year visa upon the renewal of your passport.

Q3 : Do I need to be in Malaysia when applying for a renewal?

A : Yes, all participants must be present in person with their passports in Malaysia whenever they wish to receive the MM2H visa endorsements from the Immigration Department. All renewals must be done 2-3 months prior to the expiry date. You may submit the renewal application by yourself or engage Sea Expat Home as your MM2H Agent to complete the application without hassles.

Q4 : What is the minimum days to stay in Malaysia per year after obtaining the MM2H visa endorsement?

A : There is no minimum days you require to stay in Malaysia per year. You may visit and leave as you wish with no restrictions after you obtained the MM2H visa endorsement.

Q5 : After joining this program, can I apply for Permanent Residency?

A : Currently, our Immigration does not consider the period of stay under the MM2H Programme to fulfill the PR's requirement. Therefore, living in Malaysia under the MM2H Programme does not qualify you for the PR status in Malaysia.

Q6 : Will my MM2H visa not be renewed?

A : Yes, if you violate the law and there is record of misconduct during your stay in Malaysia.

Q7 : Can I transfer my visa to my new passport of a different nationality?

A : Yes, you can as long as you have documents proving of your new identity.

Q8 : What will happen if I find a job in Malaysia that I wish to accept?

A : You can option to terminate the MM2H visa and convert it to a Work Visa.

Q9 : When should I extend my existing MM2H visa when I have my new passport?

A : Anytime after you have obtained your new passport.

Q10 : What will happen if my dependents cannot come to Malaysia for stamping at the same time as me?

A : You as a main applicant must be stamped first before your dependants can do so. They can do it anytime during the 10 years or whenever they come to Malaysia.

Q11 : What will happen if I marry in Malaysia and would like to apply to include my new spouse?

You may do so with proof of a marriage certificate in Malaysia and that the marriage has been endorsed by your Embassy.

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