Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 : Who qualifies as dependents?

A : Applicants may include their spouses and children under the age of 21 as dependents or others who must be shown to be financially dependent on the applicant to qualify as a dependent.

Q2 : What's the maximum age for children to apply under the family application?

All children must be under 21 years for the Immigration to grant them the MM2H visa.

Q3 : Should I apply MM2H for my children who are /will be attending school in Malaysia?

A : Not necessary, children who are above age of 18 must have the Student Pass to attend schools here and to live with their parents in Malaysia.

Q4 : Can the children of the successful applicants attend schools in Malaysia?

A : Yes, as long as the children are being accepted by the private or public schools in Malaysia.

Q5 : Do kindergarten level child need a Student Visa to attend kindergarten here?

A : Children below the school going age (that is 7 years old) are not required to apply for a Student Visa. They need only apply for a Social Visit Visa.

Q6 : Can my children study in local Malaysian government schools?

A : No they may not. Such schools are meant for Malaysians only.

Q7 : Can my children study in my country’s Government School in Malaysia, set-up by my Government?

A : Yes, they can.

Q8 : Do I need to re-apply for Student Visas for my children to study in Malaysia?

A : No you need not. The MM2H visa can also be used for this purpose.

Q9 : Are my children entitled to special school fees?

A : All international and private schools charge the same fee for foreigners as well as Malaysians.

Q10 : If my children are already married and want to study in Malaysia with their husband, do they need to pay the fixed deposit?

A : Not necessary. They can apply for a Student Visa once they have obtained places of study in Malaysia.


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