Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 : Why do I need to adhere to the dateline on the Entry Visa since my MM2H approval is valid for 6 months?

A : The Entry Visa validity period is for the Malaysian Embassy to stamp your passport. With the Entry Visa stamping done, you will still be given another 2 months grace period to come to Malaysia.

Q2 : If I miss the Entry Visa dateline, can I still come into Malaysia with a Tourist Visa?

A : For those who come in with a Tourist Visa, you will be stamped for a Journey Performed Visa, subject to MYR 520 per passport.

Q3 : If my MM2H approval validity has lapsed, can I still stamp my passport?

A : This is usually not allowed. However, you may apply for an extension of your approval for another 6 months with valid reasons. To apply for an approval extension, we can only apply one month before the expiry date.

Q4 : Should I make an appointment with the Malaysian Embassy to stamp my visa?

A : Usually, no. However, you may need to observe the time set by the Embassy for application and collection. Please ensure the Entry Visa is stamped with your MM2H Reference Number (eg, BVP/SHP/XXXXX) written on your passport.

Q5 : What is the maximum period I can stay in Malaysia upon my arrival, prior to my MM2H visa stamping? I need time to make arrangements for the transfer of my money for the MM2H Fixed Deposit?

A : The Immigration at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) check point will usually grant a 90 days stay for you. However, there were instances when some clients were given only 30 days. This is solely at the discretion of the Immigration Check-point.

Q6 : Can I come to Malaysia to open a bank account first and later return to stamp MM2H Visa during my next visit?

A : It is possible and we can arrange the bank opening process. Kindly let us know of your arrival schedule. At this point, you may want to enter with a Tourist Visa. It is advisable to use your Entry Visa letter for your whole family during the next trip for stamping.

Q7 : Can I stamp my MM2H Visa first while my dependants stamp at later date?

A : Yes as the main applicant, you can. However, the entry visa will be lapsed for your dependants. You will need to pay MYR 520 per passport for a Journey Performed Visa and for converting a Tourist Visa to a MM2H Visa.

Kindly contact us at info@expatmm2h.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it should you have further questions. We will reply you as soon as we can. If we are not able to answer, we will direct your question and we shall get back to you as soon as we receive the replies.