Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 : Why do I need to adhere to the dateline on the Entry Visa since my MM2H approval is valid for 6 months?

A : You can choose to either: Import one car subject to approved permit (AP), which is exempted from import duty, excise duty and sales tax Purchase one locally assembled car (including foreign brands) in Malaysia which is exempted from payment of excise duty and sales tax.

Q2 : Is a participant who buys a second-hand local car eligible for tax exemptions?

A : Second hand cars are transacted on a willing buyer, willing seller basis and the government does not levy any sales tax and excise duty on such transactions. As such tax exemptions do not arise.

Q3 : If I had a car accident and as a result I need to change the car, do I have to pay back the tax exemptions?

A : Given the following situations: If the car is repaired and sold it will be subject to the applicable tax/duty according to the prevailing rates. If car is written off, taxes will be waived. If the participant wishes to buy another car, their application will be processed on the merit of each case. Under normal circumstances a participant of this program is allowed tax exemption for a car on a one time basis.

Q4 : When can I sell the car, which has been given all the tax exemptions?

A : You can only sell the car after two years. Cars that have been exempted from taxes and duties under this program can be sold or its ownership transferred provided the prevailing taxes and duties on the car have been paid prior to the transaction. However, for imported cars the condition stipulated in the AP should be complied before any sale or transfer can be permitted.

Q5 : I would like to import my own car to Malaysia and what are the regulations?

A : Under MM2H program, you are allowed to bring in personal car with duty / tax exemptions. We can provide you with the procedures to do it yourself or you may engage us an agent to do so. You must apply to import your car within 6 months from the date you receive your MM2H Visa.

Q6 : What is the deadline for me to purchase a new car?

A : You must apply to purchase your car within 12 months from the date you receive your MM2H Visa.

Q7 : Can I drive with my International License in Malaysia?

A : Yes, you can. However, we suggest you convert it into a local driving license for convenience. For more information, please visit

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