Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Do I need a licensed sponsor to submit for my MM2H application?

A : Effective 9 January, 2009 foreign citizens may apply to participate in MM2H Programme directly,(applicants are NOT allowed to request friends or close relatives to submit the documents) OR they may use the services of MM2H agents licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia. Only the directors of licensed MM2H companies with Tourism Malaysia are eligible to act as the sponsor for MM2H participants. The MM2H application requires a submission of Personal Bond signed by the Sponsor with stamping duties paid for each individual participating in this Programme. The engagement with a Licensed MM2H agent will ensure that your MM2H application to be submitted with complete documents as required by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. You do not need to be present in Malaysia during the application period. We as your MM2H agent will guarantee to obtain the MM2H Approval for you or we shall refund in full for the amount of fees we received.

Q2: Who grant the approval of MM2H application?

A : The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Q3: Do I need to be in Malaysia for the application of the MM2H program?

A : No, you do not have to be present in Malaysia at the time of submission and during the processing period of the MM2H application. We as your MM2H agent will take care of all matters arising during this time; We will complete the application with close follow-ups. As soon as we obtain the MM2H Conditional Approval Letter from the Immigration of Malaysia, you (spouse and dependents, if applicable) will then make arrangement to visit Kuala Lumpur to complete the conditions set forth by the Immigration Department and to receive the MM2H visa endorsement(s) on the passport(s)

Q4: Do I need to be in Malaysia when applying for a renewal?

A: Yes, all participants MUST be present in person with their passports in Malaysia to receive the renewals or extension of the MM2H visa endorsements from the Immigration of Malaysia.

Q5 : Can I use my existing non-cash assets in Malaysia to fulfill the MM2H condition?

A : No, they cannot be considered equivalent to the required Fixed Deposit stated in the Conditional Approval Letter by the Immigration of Malaysia. However, we strongly advise you to include whatever assets you have in Malaysia or elsewhere as your supporting financial documents when you make your MM2H application.

Q6 : Can I use my property ownership as part of the criteria to fulfill my financial requirement?

A : No you may not, as stated by the Immigration Department.

Q7 : Regarding the use of liquid assets as part of the financial requirement, can they be part shares, fixed deposits and cash?

A : Yes, they all can be considered as long as they are under your name, your spouse’s or both. For the current account statement, you will required to show at minimum, your bank balance for the last 3 months as part of the requirement to join the MM2H program. For those aged below 50, you will need to show a minimum of MYR 500,000/-, and for those aged above 50, your bank balance must have a minimum of MYR 350,000/-.

Q8 : Is there a problem if my family and I are of different nationalities at the time of application?

A : Not at all, as long as you have valid documentation proving your relations.

Q9 : Can a divorcee apply with their children?

A : Yes, if you have a Divorce Certificate and Children Birth Certificates to prove the relationships.

Q10 : Can my adopted children apply?

A : Yes, as long as you have the appropriate legal documents, proving your relationship.

Q11 :How can I apply for my parents to join the program?

A : You may apply to include them after you have completed the endorsement of your MM2H visa. Valid documentation showing proof of your relationship is essential to obtain a successful approval.

Q12 :What do you advise me on improving my chances of MM2H approval?

A : In order to receive MM2H approval, you must show that you have a strong financial background by providing asset statements, bank statements and proof of income. Meeting the minimum financial figures will not guarantee the MM2H Approval. We would advise applicants to submit higher financial figures if possible.

Q13 :How long does it take for my MM2H application to be processed and approved?

A : As of Dec 2011, the processing and approval process takes 9 to 11 weeks from the date of submission ( provided the documentation is complete ).

Q14 :What were the main reasons applications were being rejected?

A : MM2H declined applications are due to the failure in showing proof of strong financial status. In addition, applicants who submit applications with incomplete documents and failure to submit the required Letter of Good Conduct which are acceptable by the Immigration Malaysia would be declined accordingly.

Q15 : If I have been staying in Malaysia for years, can I apply for MM2H?

A : Yes, provided you have a valid Social Visa at the point of application and are able to fulfill all the requirements as per our MM2H CheckList. The application can be done by the MM2H Agent while you are in Malaysia.

Q16 : How do I get a licensed MM2H Agent to answer my questions regarding MM2H Programme?

You are very welcome to contact us anytime at our email address:, we will reply you within 24 hours; if we are not able to answer your questions directly, we will forward your questions to the relevant authorities and we will get back to you as soon as we receive their reply.

Q17 : How would I know if Malaysia is suitable for me?

A : We would strongly advise you to pay a visit to Malaysia for a familiarization trip so that you can see the country personally and to evaluate the advantages of living or retiring in Malaysia.

Kindly contact us at info@expatmm2h.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it should you have further questions. We will reply you as soon as we can. If we are not able to answer, we will direct your question and we shall get back to you as soon as we receive the replies.