4 More Basic Steps

After Getting the Approval Letter

1. Medical Check up
2. Purchase of Medical Insurance
3. Opening of a Fixed Deposit Account for your MM2H Fixed Deposits
4.Endorsement of MM2H Visa at Immigration Department

Medical Insurance

There are many types of insurance policies available in Malaysia that you can choose. The more comprehensive ones come with investment and a life component. However, for the MM2H programme applicant’s only needs to purchase medical or hospitalization insurance and it must be purchased in Malaysia.

For stamping requirement purposes, a basic general insurance plan for medical is accepted. The premium is on a yearly basis.

For those above 60, most insurance companies will not accept. Hence, a Reject Letter shall be presented as proof during the stamping of your MM2H visa.

For a more comprehensive plan, kindly contact us for consultation!

Medical Check up

You are advised to do regular medical check up to stay healthy in Malaysia. Most hospitals offer health care screening services. For stamping purposes, we will do the medical check-up as required by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Please drop us an email regarding your travel schedule as soon as possible, to arrange the above facilities ensuring your schedule is well planned and smooth during your trip to Malaysia.

After the above is completed, your stamping will be brought to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for the endorsement of MM2H Visa.

The visa fee of MYR 90 per year and a Multiple Entry fee of approximately MYR 20 to 30 per year (varies according to country) is payable to the Immigration Department. The visa fee payable will be charged according to the number of years in your passport is valid for.

Journey Performed Visa (JPV) of MYR 520 per passport is payable to the Immigration Department for those who convert from tourist/work/student visa into a MM2H visa.

Within 6 months from the date of your MM2H conditional approval, you and your family need to plan a trip to Malaysia for a minimum of 3 working days to complete your stamping procedures.