About MM2H

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme is introduced by our government to allow people from all over the world to live or retire in Malaysia in a long term basis. This Programme was transformed from the formally known “Silver-Hair Programme” which only applicable for those who were 50 years and above. The MM2H is now open to all citizens of the world and has no restrictions on age, race, religion or gender. You may participate in this programme alone or bring along your spouse, dependents (below 21 years old (unmarried) at the time of MM2H submission) and even your own maid from your country. Your children can attend any reputable international schools and colleges in Malaysia. The spouse and children of the applicant will get the same class of visa and the same duration as the main applicant. Children who are above 21 years old will have to submit a separate application as an adult.

MM2H visa is actually a Ten (10) Year Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry Visa which is renewable every 10 years. It is basically a long-stay programme that allows the participants to live in Malaysia and not worry about their short term visa renewals. You are welcome to stay here for 365 days a year without having to leave the country because the visa renewal can be done in Malaysia.

Government Program

MM2H is proposed by the Government of Malaysia to attract more foreign fund into Malaysia, therefore, the planning and the implementation of the Malaysian government will definitely determine success of the Malaysia My Second Home.

Language and Culture

Every Malaysian are at least fluent in 2 to 3 languages - Chinese, English and Malay. Some of them are up fluent in 5 to 7 languages. These few languages are able to communicate to nearly 80% of the world population. Therefore, Malaysia is an international country which can communicate with nearly all world population.

Unique Food and Cuisine

As Malaysia is a multi-language and culture of the country, every culture has its own tradisional food. Indian food, Chinese food, Malay food, Western food, Iranian, Arabic and some local food.

Leisure / Enjoyment

Malaysia has many theme park, water park (Sunway Lagoon), golf course the latest Lego theme park (Legoland) a variety of leisure and entertainment.

Shopping Paradise

Malaysia is a shopper's paradise. In Malaysia, you can buy almost everything. We have a lot of enormous shopping malls, such as Suria KLCC, Quill City Mall, Mid Valley, One Utama, Sunway Verocity, etc.

Well Connected Infrastructure

Malaysia has a modern road, rail, air and maritime transportation system to connect. Kuala Lumpur's Golden Trianagle Area is well connected with MRT, LRT, Monorail and KTM.

Education and International School

Malaysia has over 50 international quality education of international schools, from kindergarten to tertiary level. The dream of Malaysia Education Malaysia as Asia's education center.

First Class Medical Institution

Malaysia has first class medical institution, modern medical facilities, affordable medical expenses.

Cost of living

Compared to other developing countries, the cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low. The inflation rate remained at a below par level.